Training in Hair Transplant Surgery:

As the field has evolved from a budding stage to a blossomed stage, thus the need for trained hair transplant surgeons have increased multi fold. Training in hair transplant by our technique needs at least some back ground knowledge of hair transplant surgery and a proper degree at least MBBS (Indian medical graduate) or equivalent from other country.

We have two modules of hair transplant training

1. Short course hair transplant training which is of 10days
2. In depth training of 25 days

Short course is for those who have been practicing hair transplant but the quality is missing somehow, this will have some hands on work also.

In depth or long training will have detailed training on the following topics:-

1. Patient selection & counseling
2. On hand training at least for 10 days for few hrs each day, in all the aspects from extraction to implantation.
3. Post operative care and medications/ Anesthesia for Asian patients
4. Designing of hair line and other parts like moustache/side burns/beard/eye brows
5. Staff training
6. Business development model and setting a very cost effective but comprehensive hair transplant clinic

For pricing and other details on training, kindly drop us a mail at or

Please don’t forget to attach a CV along or mention your background of hair transplant surgery. Selection of doctors for training will be absolutely on the discretion of team of face value clinic.
Not more than two doctors at a time are taken for training.