Advantages of medical treatment in India include reduced costs, the availability of latest medical technologies, and a growing compliance on international quality standards, as well as the fact that foreigners are less likely to face a language barrier in India.

Most estimates claim treatment costs in India start at around a tenth of the price of comparable treatment in America or Britain. The most popular treatments sought in India by medical tourists are alternative medicine, dentistry and now hair transplant is also growing by leap and bounce.

Lower treatment cost does not necessarily mean lower healthcare standards. However, for a patient traveling to India, it is important to find the optimal Doctor- Clinic (Hospital) combination. With surgeries like hair transplantation were longer stay is not needed, it is even more convenient to come on the weekends and just fly the second day. Many of our patients those who come for the procedure also wish to either tour the city or nearby destinations, In fact few of them planned the trip first and then the procedure before just flying back to their mother land.

Most of the patients from Europe or America those who are first timers appreciate few aspects of India, in spite of some known issues like population and traffic. Many of them fear about food and drinks, which are no more a issue after the globalization has taken over the planet.

Most of the popular joints like MacDonalds, KFC’s, Coffee shops, etc are close by the clinic thus they no more feel starved. Apart from the fast food joints Italian, Spanish and Mexican delicacies are also available at wish which adds flavor to their trips. Thus over all it’s a great package at a very affordable price with rest assured results.



Mumbai is very safe in terms of traffic accidents, thefts, cheating, etc as the police is quite strict here.

Unlike northern part of the country Mumbai has very less crime rate on daily basis. We are located in the out skirts of main Mumbai and this area is quite and peaceful thus expats can be rest assured about their procedure and stay close by. The hotels are quite cheap on daily basis and there are different grades of them, starting from $20 per day to $80 per day, you can pre book before visiting to clinic for procedure.

Also if needed an assistant can be allotted to the expat for his daily care while in India which is praised by many expats who came to us and were first timers.


We have collaborated with two travel agents who can help the expats book their flight tickets at slightly cheaper prices compared to the online booking portals. The contact details can be provided to the needy after doing the primary formalities of booking their dates for the procedure.


As mentioned earlier there are few hotels close to our facility which can be booked online before the visit, their tariff and other details are mentioned in their websites, the links of their websites can be provided on request.


With spontaneous or prior planning a city tour before the procedure or after the procedure can be arranged for the patient before or after the procedure.

Mumbai is the city with many historic sites beautiful temples along with many recreational centers like discos and bars. Night life is also as vibrant as the day’s, thus depending on the taste and wills one can easily enjoy for couple of days before or after the planned procedure dates. The escort or assistant would be very helpful in such times. The charge of such tours depends on the taxi one choose, hours you wane spend on tour and the number of people moving.


Every culture and race has different food habits which some time make the tours difficult for few people, especially those who are not frequent travelers. Also with the age the habits change. To help and over tide such situations, such demands can be accomplished while planning the procedure. All types of food can be provided to the expats on demand, weather Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, etc.


Taxi, assistant, etc all can be arranged if needed for the ones who wants to travel to close by places or cities to meet friends and relatives, or accomplish business meets while coming to India for their procedures. In fact it saves and divides the cost of travel as two works are accomplished while for one.

In our experience many of our Gujarati friends from UK have gone and met their family members in Gujarat for the first time in life as two states are close by. Many of them attended family functions while for the procedure here. Especially for the NRI’s it’s a very sober call.

We with sincerity and humility welcome all the expats to visit India with open mindedness and positivity so that their trip to face value becomes an excellent experience, so that they revive their confidence after they get hairs and we thrive on the references they give us.

After all, “ if god brings you to it, he brings you through it also”.