Question and Answers:

1. Why does one go bald and why only in the central area of head?

Theory of baldness is yet to be proved, but the most probable reason for it, is the Genes of the body. The genes in the body makes the roots of the central area of head prone to attack by a hormone called DHT, which over long run causes depletion of root’s wall- causing structural damage to the entire structure. This leads to thinning of hairs and eventual death of roots.
As the central portion of head has some channels (receptors) which has more attraction for DHT therefore the central portion goes bald quickly as compared to other parts.

2. Is the transplantation safe and what are the possible side effects?

It is very very safe procedure but pre anesthetic checkup is important, patients with diabetes, hyper tension, chronic kidney diseases and chronic heart diseases needs proper evaluation but exclusion is not always necessary.
Possible side effects could be bleeding (due to unknown bleeding tendencies), infection and pain, but in experience hands they are well taken care of.

3. What is better FUE or FUT?

Both have some positives and negatives, but with advancement there are absolutely no drawbacks of FUE. FUT leaves a scar at back which is inevitable in some cases and no doctor can promise you ‘no scar’, as that depends on some factors which are out of doctor’s hand. With our technique no scars are formed not even dot scars. FUT is certainly more painful also.

4. Is there associated danger of brain damage?

Hair transplant is only skin deep, thus nothing to worry about absolutely.

5. Is there is any prolonged or constant headache post operative?

This is an absolute myth which few patients have put forwards, but there is no such association with hair transplant. For few weeks to few months, there might be mild pain in the donor and recipient area but otherwise there is no chance of having chronic or permanent pain or headache.

6. Is there lot of bleeding in hair transplant surgery?

In FUT surgeries there is slightly more bleeding as compared to FUE surgery but the bleeding is in the range of around 10-20ml of blood in the entire procedure, which is even less than a minor surgery.

7. Are these hairs permanent which grows after surgery?

Yes these hairs are permanent and should not actually fall even after prolonged period of years. Although in some cases there might be thinning of even these hairs, the reasons are still under investigations. With proper doctor’s evaluation this can be counteracted as well.

8. Can other’s hairs be implanted like brother, friend or wife?

Each cell of the body has a coding system, one of which is called HLA coding, these codes help body to differentiate between its own and other cells. Now when the hair roots which have live cells are implanted from someone else, the body recognizes it and starts attacking it, which kills the implanted hairs, were as when its own roots are implanted body can recognize that it is its own and accepts it. Now the question arises why does liver and kidney from others are transplanted then and it works fine the entire life? Most of us do not know that after each kidney or liver transplant, the recipient is asked to take some medications throughout the life to prevent body from killing the transplanted organ, these medicines are called immun0-suppressent. These medications have huge side effects, therefore in a cosmetic procedure like hair transplant we do not want patients to take such medicines and thus it is avoided.

9. Are patients supposed to take some medicines after transplant for hair growth and for how long?

Factually speaking apart from few pain killers and antibiotics, nothing is supposed to be taken after one week to 10 days time. Few clinic start patient on minoxidil and other tablets, probably thinking to cover up a bad hair transplant. But few patients those who are not completely bald are advised to take few medicines to delay the fall of existing hairs on their head, that is even on their wish if they want to take.

10. What is body hairs and how is that transplant?

When the roots are taken not taken from the back of head but from other parts like beard, chest, abdomen, pubic, etc it is termed as body hair transplant. According to us we don’t entertain to do else then beard transplant because those parts have short growth cycle, less thickness and less pigmentation. It does not provide any volume and density there fore in most of the cases its futile to do that.