face value clinic- best hair transplant surgeon in mumbai, india



Before surgery

1. Expert team with abundant surgical experience of 10 yrs.
2. Detailed patient counseling with scientific prediction of surgical out come
3. Proper detailed discussion of hair line shape, density and, measurements of angles and directions.
4. Predictions of future hair restoration and expected cost till complete restoration
5. Meeting patients and seeing the live surgical procedure at work
6. Proper medical checkups to ensure smooth recovery and satisfactory results

During surgery

1. One by one Graft counting after the completion of extraction and not during extraction process by digital machines which might be faulty some times, as the transacted grafts are also counted there
2. Proper marking of hair line with permanent chemicals so as to retain the markings once made, in consensus with the patients
3. Angles :
During-Hair-Transplant-surgery-angel-2-face-value-hair-transplant-clinic-in-mumbai During-Hair-Transplant-surgery-angel-1-face-value-hair-transplant-clinic-in-mumbai
4 Direction:
During-Hair-Transplant-surgery-direction-2-face-value-hair-transplant-clinic-in-mumbai During-Hair-Transplant-surgery-direction-1-face-value-hair-transplant-clinic-in-mumbai
5. Density :
6. During the process patient is allowed to give feedbacks about densities, if he/she wants more or less any where
7. Choice of food for patient, during breaks
8. Frequent breaks during the whole procedure
9. Operation is performed only by the lead surgeon no untrained staff permitted in the Operation Room

After surgery

1. Clear written instructions for quicker recovery, separate number for contacting the doctor if needed even at night
2. Donor area heals so fast that it is invisible just after 3-4 days, special type of extraction instruments are being used
3. Natural and clean hair line, which is almost undetectable
4. Even in small crew cut no one can see any dots or pits at donor and recipient areas, special technique
5. Patient can shave just after 10 days of surgery
6. Monthly follow up of each patient to understand their progress and development
7. Any genuine patient who needs repair is assured maximal support
8. Assured benefits for those who choose us second time for procedure

Dislaimer: *Results may vary from person to person