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  • Dr. Ritesh safariya - Best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai, India

    Welcome to the Best Hair Transplant clinic in India:

    Face Value is a team of simple yet elegant and very quality conscious chain of hair transplant clinic, which also focuses on skin aesthetics and general dermatology. We try and keep ourselves updated to match the international standards in hair and skin care.

    Hair Transplantation is a procedure in which you can have exceptional results if you choose your surgeon carefully. The best hair transplant results come from years of hard work and dedication. At Face Value our team of fine doctors like Dr. Vinay, Dr. Santosh and young leads like Dr. Ritesh,Dr. Esha and Dr. Mukherjee are well trained and have dedicated their full time practice of medicine to Hair Transplantation, Skin Aesthetics and Dermatology. Each one of them does a much focused work and had been extensively trained abroad in either the field of hair restoration or skin treatments.

    At Face Value we have our own bench of morality which decides the norms that are to be followed in the entire chain irrespective of location and cost. Through the constant research and hardship Face Value has achieved some of the best works in the field of hair restoration, which have practically became the bench marks in hair restoration industry. We are driven by ethics and codes of conduct which specifies that only FDA approved regimes and treatment would be appreciated and conducted by all the branches of the chain.

    We promote and believe in cost patient education so that the procedure is done with due transparency and patients content. We personally empathize with your hair loss and have a passion to deliver the highest quality hair loss solution at the best value.

    Please review our site to learn about how you can get the best hair transplant results for yourself. We welcome you all in the safe hands of Face Value Clinic and look forward to helping you achieve your hair restoration goals.


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Disclaimer: *Results may vary from person to person


I was facing hair fall problem from last 2 years. Then I came 2 know about Face Value CLinic. And seriously it changed my look my personalty my attitude i mean everythin.. thanks 2 dr Ritesh and his team from bottom of my heart. five stars for them

4.5 / 5
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Disclaimer: *Results may vary from person to person