Hair Bonding

With tapes a piece of wig is bonded or pasted on the head. Needs regular wash, change and can be very irritating in long run. Recurrent cost is very high. There is no wig till date which is free from above issues.

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Hair Weaving

With a piece of thread the wig is tied along with existing hairs on the head of patient. This again has issues of loosening, repairing, changing and un natural looks

Hair-Weaving-camouflaging-tricks-face-value-hair-transplant-clinic-in mumbai-india

Hair Piece

Nothing but a piece of wig cut and adjusted as per the need and size of head of the patient. This is either clipped, bonded or weaved on the head. Same issues as above

Hair-piece-camouflaging-tricks-face-value-hair-transplant-clinic-in mumbai-india


This is the newer modality to hide baldness. This is nothing but tattooing the bald area of skin with black color or shades of black. This is good for those who has hairs but less hairs on the head but in completely bald patient this looks odd and can be made out very easily.

Hair-tattooing-camouflaging-tricks-face-value-hair-transplant-clinic-in mumbai-india

Hair powder or hair dust

It comes in shades of Black powder which is generally plant origin. It is put in the gaps between hairs to make it look darker and thicker. Can get washed with sweat and rain thus can be used for very short make over, like during photo shoots and parties.

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