Although face value clinic is doing one of the finest work in India and in the world but we have kept our pricing band at very affordable range, so that patients can avail hair transplant at a very reasonable price. Many doctors and clinic across the globe are charging premier for either their location or brand, but factually many of them are missing on the quality. We again like to reassure our prospective patients that if by any means any patient feels some other doctor to be better in price and quality ration compared to us, then we shall do the work free for you. But one has to prove it evidence not just by logic.
Also kindly make yourself understand the difference between follicle/Hair or Graft/Root
We charge per graft not per follicle (follicle is equal to one single hair), where as a graft means a cluster of 2 or more hairs. Thus the price of
1 Graft = 2 X Hair Follicle
Suppose we are charging 50 INR Per graft that means it becomes 25 INR Per Follicle.
In many developed countries and developing countries the charge per graft is close to 3-4US$ which is actually 4-5 times higher than us, and the quality is either inferior to us or many be equivalent, thus we strongly suggest true inquirers to at least give us a chance to respond to your inquiry.
Also we have a very systematic pattern of graft counting through which all the patients can count their own grafts and after the due consent from the patient they are implanted on the patient’s recipient area. We don’t believe in digital counting and rough estimations, as done in many clinic.

Prices for FUE (Head to Head Transplant) and BHT (Body Hair Transplant) grafts
No. of Scalp Graft Grafts= graftX50 Rs Price Total cost of the grafts
500 500 X 50 25000 25000
800 800 X 50 40000 40000
1000 1000 X 50 50000 50000
1250 1250 X 50 62500 62500
1500 1500 X 50 75000 75000
2000 2000 X 50 100000 100000
2500 2500 X 50 125000 125000
3000 3000 X 50 150000 150000
3500 3500 X 50 175000 175000
4000 4000 X 50 200000 200000
4500 4500 X 50 225000 225000

No. of Body Grafts Graftx75INR Price Grand Total
500 500 X 75 37500 37500
1000 1000 X 75 75000 75000
1500 1500 X 75 112500 112500
2000 2000 X 75 150000 150000

*Plus 18% GST (Goods and Service Tax) Rates are applicable


As the patients come from all the countries to us thus we accept all the currencies in all the denominations. We have our foreign exchange tie ups that provide the best exchange rates for any currencies. We request all our foreign patients to first get their exchange rates from any forex dealer and then we shall give them the rates for their desired currency.

Most of the time patients have accepted that the rates which we have given them are the best as compared to where ever they have inquired.


All the patients weather from India or abroad are requested to kindly block their dates well in advance to get the desired dates. We accept up to six month prior bookings.

Every patient is requested to kindly confirm the dates by paying advance money of 10% of the total estimated cost. The money can be paid either by online transfer to our company’s account by Indian patients or those who have Indian bank account, or foreigners can pay through paypal account which can be provided as per request.

Once the money is paid the patient’s are requested to send the payment receipt soft copy either through mail or whats app/ Hike messenger so that we get a confirmation. An official mail is dropped once we receive the money from the company’s account stating the successful receipt and date confirmation again.


The full amount needs to be paid when the patient comes for the surgery to our clinic, either through credit/debit cards or by cash.
Kindly remember to collect your paid amount receipt from us.


Our Bank Details:
Account Name: Face Value Clinic Pvt. Ltd.
Bank Name: State Bank Of Patiala
Current Acc. No: 65260016770
Branch: Mira Road
IFSC Code: stbp0001305
Swift Code: stbpinbb007
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