Technical fitness / Psychological fitness:

It means weather a patient is fit well or not in the protocols of hair transplant surgery, and will the expected outcome will meet his/her needs. Good results can be expected if the patient has
1. Good thick donor hair
2. Pigmented donor hairs
3. Wavy or curly donor hairs, it gives more coverage
4. Quantity wise more donor hairs

Some cases where HT needs evaluation:

Case1: Poor donor area

Poor-donor-area-case-1-face-value-hair-transplant-clinic-in-mumbai-india Suppose if a patient has very poor donor area and at the same time his recipient area is much larger, then in such cases it is wise to understand what his needs are, or else BHT evaluation is must. Out of these in some cases even after planning for BHT the expectations cannot be met, thus it’s wise to drop such cases with proper counseling. Better for such patients are camouflaging tricks

very big recipient area


Suppose in recipient area there is extensive scarring or some other pathology then those cases also needs proper evaluation and expected outcome with high failure rates needs to be discussed in detail.

Case3: progressive balding

Suppose a patient of diffuse baldness goes for hair transplant then in future also even after good outcome of hair transplant he might lose his density and might remain unhappy, so these cases also needs to be evaluated and properly guided

Case4: understanding about time duration and progression of HT

Proper understanding and time needed to have the optimum results needs to be discussed and assessed about patients knowledge otherwise patient ends up in soup

Medical Fitness:

There is no age bar for a good HT


Needs to be under control and needs evaluation


Need evaluation as what medicines are being taken by the patient and for how long.
Other diseases like

" HIV - we don’t take HIV patients, sorry for that "

Hepatitis B & C- we avoid patients with high viral load and end stage diseases

Liver & Renal Functions: we do an evaluation of these as some patients are prone to hidden liver and renal disease and might be difficult to plan long hrs of surgery

Age Criteria:

We have operated patients in the range of 17yrs to 77 yrs thus from our side there is no age bar for the persons to have a good FUE hair transplant