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Hair Transplant types we do:

FUE (Follicular unit extraction): also called single follicular unit method. By our specialized punches we take out single hair roots one each time, leaving no marks at all weather small or big, and then by our specialized technique place them in the desired areas after measuring the angles, directions and density, giving it a very clean and fantastic natural looking hair line. Our USP is high density work and our last record was 108 grafts/sq. cm. Some doctors who can’t reach these numbers feel that they don’t grow but we assure you that they grow and they grow well without fail.

Dislaimer: *Results may vary from person to person

BHT (body hair transplant): It nothing but FUE only but the donor area is body not back of head. With our knowledge and expertise we accept that we are good in doing beard hairs and we don’t promote other parts as donor. The reason being chest, arms/legs, etc have short anagen phase and thus they don’t grow well. Also their length is limited to certain centimeters only thus their aesthetic value addition is less. Some feel that they are good for filling in the gaps between head hairs, yes they might be right but we don’t do it .
We are handy with beard hairs and it can donate upto 3000-4000 grafts also in decent density donors.

Before-FUT-Follicular -Unit-Transplantation-Hair-Transplant-in-Mumbai-Face-Value-Clinic After-FUT-Follicular -Unit-Transplantation-Hair-Transplant-in-Mumbai-Face-Value-Clinic

Dislaimer: *Results may vary from person to person

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)/Strip technique: some say that it is bad or old technique but that is not right as everything has certain pros and cons, so it has. But if we rightly read then it can be understood that this technique only had paved the way for evolution of hair transplant field at large.

Some doctors do it well as we use to do it in Face Value also, but the only problem or draw back with this technique is the scar which is created at the back after the wound heals.

The factor on which the scar depends are --
1. Width of strip taken from the back
2. Flexibility of skin at the donor site
3. Technique of closure
4. Individual tendency of scar formation

In our opinion even the best doctor in the world cannot guarantee ‘no’ scar formation, as some factors are individual’s body dependent.

We don’t do it anymore and thus don’t promote it. In spite of this we repair such scars and scars of other types by our technique.

Before-DHI-Direct-Hair -Implantation-Hair-Transplant-in-Mumbai-Face-Value-Clinic After-DHI-Direct-Hair -Implantation-Hair-Transplant-in-Mumbai-Face-Value-Clinic

Dislaimer: *Results may vary from person to person

DHI- Direct Hair Implantation is nothing but what we do

Bio FUE- no such term is authentic in hair transplant science

Bio Fibers- artificial polymer based fibers which comes in different shades giving it hair look, are implanted in the head like natural hairs. They don’t grow in size, loss of 20-30% per year and sometimes gives a bad allergic reaction. We don’t promote and do it anymore as we had bitter experience.

Apart from this there is no other technique of hair transplantation, in spite of whatever other clinic say and promote.